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Need periodontal, x-rays, exams, cleaning and crowns on molars.

MrsLemur started this conversation
In need of examination, cleaning, periodontal, bone grafts and crowns to keep my teeth. One dentist told me back in 2009 that I might need a root canal- I might on one tooth, but I don't know what tooth that is. My lower front teeth are getting looser because of bone and gum loss. I had poor dental care in my childhood, so I am suffering some of the consequences now- I need at least 3 crowns, POSSIBLY 3 places for bone and periodontal grafting. I am trying to keep my teeth, and haven't had an exam since RAM came here in April 2010, and they could only do ONE thing. So I got my teeth cleaned, even though I didn't get x-rays, So I really don't know whether I need fillings (I was told I needed at least 3 back molar crowns years ago), root canals, or what. My primary concern is the periodontal work and crowns so I can keep my teeth- I have 2 cracked molars.
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I forgot to mention I need FREE dental work, because I am on SSDI/SSI. And I wouldn't be able to make a payment arrangement. AND I will NEVER return to Western Dental- my "dentist" (She wasn't trained, I am sure of it) was ignorant of what TMJD was (a joint disorder of the jaw), even though I told them I had it, they forced my mouth open for hours, (they were supposed to give me breaks every 20 minutes)and ruined my jaw. I had to go back because she didn't make indentations for my bite afterwards- I was trying to eat on flat fillings, which only exacerbated the TMJD. My jaw hasn't been normal since 1997, and I had to go to orafacial therapy for months. I still suffer the consequences with chronic neuralgia, and now hemicrania continua.

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